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INTERVIEW: Marc Turner


As part of the blog tour for his debut novel When the Heavens Fall, Bombshell Mysti got a chance to ask Marc Turner some of the things that were on her mind while she was reading the epic fantasy.

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REVIEW: When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner


The woman’s face was hidden by a hood, but Luker recognized her all the same. “Jenna.”
Jenna did not respond. Pulling down her hood, she shook out her long dark hair. Luker’s breath caught. Her right eye was half-closed, the skin around it bruised and swollen. There were scratches on her neck, and an angry red cut along her jaw…
Luker eyed her cuts and bruises… “What happened to your face?”
“I slipped putting on my makeup. What do you bloody well think happened?”

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REVIEW: Lost for Words by Edward St. Aubyn

Lost for Words

When it came to running a committee, Malcolm favoured a collegiate approach: there was nothing like proving you were a team player to get your own way. The point was to build a consensus and come up with a vision of the sort of Britain they all wanted to project with the help of this prize: diverse, multi-cultural, devolutionary, and of course, encouraging to young writers…. The promise of young writers was perfect as well, until they burnt out, fucked up, or died — but that would be under another government and under another committee.

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GIVEAWAY: Caged in Winter AND Tessa Ever After!

As part of our stop on the Tessa Ever After Blog Tour, we’re able to offer up copies of Tessa Ever After and Caged In Winter!

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INTERVIEW: Brighton Walsh

Brighton Author Photo_Color

As part of the Tessa Ever After blog tour, we got to talk with author Brighton Walsh about life, writing, and what’s in her pockets.

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REVIEW: Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh


Some days I feel like I’m running forever on a treadmill that won’t get me anywhere. Constantly behind, yet always moving.

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REVIEW: The Alchemist’s Daughter by Mary Lawrence

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”However, did you give Jolyn anything to drink or eat?”
Bianca hesitated. Should she admit she had concocted a drink to soothe Jolyn’s flux? A sinking feeling settled in her guy. She knew where this question was leading. Ultimately, the onus would be on her to prove her innocence.
She would have to discover why Jolyn had died. She didn’t trust that these two men could (or would) figure it out. Constable Patch looked ready to lock her away, and the coroner seemed as though he’d lose interest as soon as he walked out the door. She opted to lie, if only to give herself more time. “No, I did not,” she said.
The coroner glanced at John, but John was practiced in deceit and knew when to keep his own counsel. He liked to think Bianca had learned her guile from him.

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