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QUICKIE: Caring is Creepy by David Zimmerman

Caring is Creepy
David Zimmerman

Review by Dawn Nikithser

So this is August of 2005 in Metter, Georgia, population half of nothing. A million miles from anywhere good. So this is me and Dani, just turned fifteen and a couple weeks away from our sophomore year at Metter High. So this is me fucking up my life like you wouldn’t believe.

When I first found this book on NetGalley, I assumed it was YA. I’m no stranger to dark YA; it’s hardly a new phenomenon, as anyone who read the genre in the 70s and early 80s knows. And with a 15 year old narrator and what sort of amounts to a coming-of-age story (very much in the Internet age), it still might be classified in that way. But I’d be awfully choosy about the kind of kid I gave this one to, because the subject matter within is not easy (crime, violence, and PTSD are just three of them).

That said, this is a fantastic read. Zimmerman tells a compelling and important story based on true events, and honestly it’s the kind of warning story that YAs would do well to read. And so would their parents. Plus, this adult male author has done a hell of a job with the voice of a teenage girl; Lynn Marie rings true (which is something else that might scare the shit out of any adult who reads this, btw). Yeah, it’s dark. And kinda fucked-up. But it’s also well-told, heart-racing, and thought-provoking. Do not miss it.

Buy It: Buy it, read it, then don’t expect to sleep easily for a while (especially if you *do* pass it on to a teen reader). This story lingers.

Caring is Creepy
David Zimmerman
Soho Press
$15.00 (Paperback), 336 pages

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