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SHERLOCK: What Does Sherlock Mean to Me? by Amanda Abbington

What Does Sherlock Mean to Me?

Amanda Abbington is an English actress and comedienne who has appeared on television and stage. She is best known for her roles in the 2005 comedy sketch show Man Stroke Woman and the 2007–2008 comedy After You’ve Gone with Nicholas Lyndhurst. She has also appeared in recurring series such as Coupling, Casualty, and Dream Team. She is the longtime partner of British actor Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson in Sherlock.

I was never a huge follower or fan of Sherlock Holmes. I really wasn’t. It wasn’t in my canon of literature. I don’t really know why. Maybe I associated it with Woolsey. It was never very accessible when I was growing up. I’m reading it now. At the moment I’m reading The Sign of Four. But I wouldn’t have done had I not been involved in the show. Which is good, it’s great, it’s opened me up to his work. [Are you enjoying the stories?] They’re great. They’re really good. They really drag you in. It’s very interesting and very engaging. It zips along. I’ve got to have something that zips along… The Doyle stuff is quite easy to get through, which is a testament to good writing.

[Do you imagine Ben & Martin in your head when you’re reading?] That’s interesting… I don’t.

We’re huge fans [of the show] in our house. I’m really proud of what they do in that show. It’s genius actually. It’s the best thing on television.

(Taken from Baker Street Babes interview with Amanda Abbington, coming soon…)

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  1. Maria ﻣﻴﻣﻲ Fleischhack says:

    reading the Sign of Four, huh? I think I know what that means <3

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