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Rates and Offers of a Motivational Speaker

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Many business owners who have concerns about employee productivity immediately think of getting a motivational speaker to turn things around. Unfortunately, most would scrap the idea because they are intimidated of the costs.

This article will discuss the monetary aspects of hiring a company speaker so you’ll know exactly what you are paying for.


Speakers charge depending on the following:

  • Availability
    A motivational speaker can accept or decline an invitation depending on his discretion. Often times speakers accommodate short notices if they are too important to reject.
  • Demand
    Demand is basically the number of people in the same field of expertise. If the speaker is one of the few in his field then he might charge higher.
  • Schedule
    Busy keynote speakers will charge an extra if they are pursued by a client during a hectic period. It’s basically a consideration of their willingness to allot time for you instead of resting.
  • Experience
    Keynote SpeakerMotivational speaking experience bears the biggest weight of the pricing. The more experience and exposure a speaker has, the more expensive he becomes. Although it’s tempting to go with cheaper alternatives, companies who need efficient solutions will pay more for someone proven and tested.
  • Location
    The common fees includes the base fee plus travel expenses. So consider the cost of importing a speaker before you book them.
  • Type of Speaking Engagement
    Most speaker rates are fixed but in some cases, they do give considerations or pro-rates. Those who are just starting their careers will charge per hour.
  • Workshops
    This is basically the level of difficulty for a speaker’s task. A lecture will be charged differently form a talk with a workshop. The more things to be done, the more you need to pay.
  • Ability
    A motivational speaker knows how effective his skills are and he can milk it for what it is worth. In this case, make sure you research about the speaker prior to making an agreement to avoid being overcharged.
  • Educational Background
    A speaker’s background adds to his credibility, so most individuals who come from good schools and hold a degree charge more than self-taught experts.
  • Affiliation
    Speakers with groups or companies charge double because of the middle man cut. Hiring a speaker will be much cheaper if you consider independent ones.
  • Materials
    Some speakers consider themselves “expensive” because of the materials they use at speaking sessions. Although venues are often prepared already, some lecturers bring their own technology like lapel, projectors, and gadgets. Bringing their own items is mostly about comfort and hygiene but they charge for it anyway.
  • Payment Terms
    Most speakers prefer cash as payment but there are a few speakers who accept checks, bank deposits, or card transactions. Others also offer installment plans for those who can’t afford immediate payment. Usually they charge higher for delayed payments because of the idle time between transactions. Despite the hassle, many small companies do opt for these types of arrangements.

The fee for keynote speakers greatly varies. Those less experienced usually start at $1,500. Entry level ones commonly range from $2500-$3000, while professionals start from $6000.This group is commonly composed of medical experts, gurus, sports icons, and accomplished authors. Celebrity speakers can fetch about $35,000 to as much as $300,000 for a single event. The payment is fixed whether they speak for a minute or for a day. But discounts can be given occasionally, so make sure to establish a good relationship with them.

Good Speakers


There are generally three types of speaking roles:

  • Keynote Speaking is about 90 minutes and is commonly done in a lecture-type setting. The speaker delivers his speech to a live audience with minimal interaction.
  • Half-day engagements (seminars/ establishment openings) include moderate interaction from the listeners.
  • Full day events (emcee / hosting) include audience socialization most of the time.

Each speaker has his own conditions for speaking engagements. Most often speakers may offer budget-friendly packages when it is off-peak season. Professionals however rarely adjust their prices. A popular motivational speaker who belongs to a company can offer up to 10 packages in order to cater all markets.

Additional Cost

If a speaker will be coming from a far location, the one who hired them will pay for the travel fees and expenses such as food, lodging and transportation, which are separated from the basic speaking fee.

The importance of a motivational speaker in the business world is undeniable.Working with inspirational speakers requires consideration and patience because teamwork is also essential in troubleshooting internal business matters. Hiring a single person who can provide a new work perspective and calm the emotions of your manpower is certainly worth every penny.

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